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We publish materials with roots along the Classical-Charlotte Mason-Montessori continuum, specializing in materials that promote engaged learning in the home-school and Montessori classroom. 

The Task Card Series covers grammar and dialectic stage Science, History, Geography, Culture, Music, Art, and Grammar. These sets direct students toward the use of trusted tools of learning within a prepared learning environment. They are easily customizable and provide a pace and structure that balances self-direction with attention to detail.

Each volume of the Recitation and Enrichment Series covers Recitation and Enrichment objectives for all grades in an open-and-go, week-plan format. These volumes facilitate relational learning in home and private school settings. They correspond with the Task Card Series and include cumulative recitations in History, Latin, Math, and Science. An innovative tiered approach is applied to Copywork and Dictation exercises. Enrichment plans cover Vocabulary, Nature Study, Music, Art, and material to be read aloud.

*The High School History and Literature Series is designed for rhetoric level students and is comprised of four volumes: Ancient World, Medieval World, Early Modern World, and Modern World. Each volume contains 36 week-plans which direct students toward research objectives in History and Literature. These comprehensive volumes rely on Socratic-inspired work and writing templates with the goal of factual facility, exposure to an increasingly adult narratives, understanding broad themes, engaged interaction with vocabulary, and the development of analytical skills. Dynamic interaction and varying focal points provide meaningful experiences with course material. *Available in 2014.


Click here to download a pdf of our current catalog.
*Note: Volumes One and Three of the High School  History and Literature Series are available now. Volumes Two and Four will be available by fall of 2013.


Detailed instructions for using the Task Cards and High School History and Literature week-plans are included in the Course Introduction. Detailed instructions for each section of the Recitation and Enrichment Series are included in each volume.

Task Card Series

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Recitation and Enrichment Series
Click here to download a sample Recitation and Enrichment Volume One week plan.
Click here to download a sample Recitation and Enrichment Volume Two week plan.
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here to download samples of Recitation Volume Three week plans.
Click here to download a sample Recitation and Enrichment Volume Four week plan.

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